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Common Sense Zombie Defense, The Ultimate Guide to Zombie Protective Gear Simple, yet effective, the ultimate defense against zombie attacks is personal zombie protective gear or PZPG. Movies and television always seem to focus on the strategy of building a protective fortress of sorts to barricade themselves from flesh-eating fiends, also [...]
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Is it really possible that scientists have discovered where zombies came from? This article from ZombieReference.com claims to have discovered the origins of the modern zombie. They seem to be taking an interesting approach in identifying the history of zombies and how zombies came to be and are using investigative [...]
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The hot gift list is out and there’s still time left to do you last minute Christmas shopping! This year’s most popular gift ideas were all zombie gifts, no surprise there: Hottest zombie gift ideas for this holiday season Zombie Chili Bowl Zombie Santa Claus Ornament Zombie Survival Kit Lunchbox Who wouldn’t be absolutely [...]
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New Years Resolution #22315: Produce a remix of the chart topping hit single from the 90′s, Zombies Love Chili! We are sure most of you remember this single and how it changed the face of the music industry forever but we are bringing it back for 2013.  The world is teetering [...]
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Even the worst of things can be made better with chili. Take this Zombie Chili recipe for example: 3 – cans tomatoes, stewed 2 – cans chili beans 2 – cans dark kidney beans 2 – cans light kidney beans 1 – cup diced onion 3 – chopped peppers (one of each: red, yellow, green) 6 – [...]
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Protect yourself from Zombie Flu, attract zombies and maybe even treat early symptoms of Zombie Flu with this recipe for Zombie Tea. Zombie tea is delicious and is also chocked full of essential vitamins and minerals to help get your day started or help you stay healthy and strong. Zombie tea [...]
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