Although the Zombie Apocalypse is coming and our intention is to prepare your for such events, we accept no responsibility whatsoever for your actions. Everything on this site, parent sites, children sites, anywhere you may find this disclaimer linked and in our minds is completely made up except that zombies love chili. Should you choose to believe this information, it’s on you and perhaps you deserve to be a Zombie or eaten by a Zombie. Parts or all of the information contained within may be attributable to other sources, oh well. Where do you want to be when the Zombie Apocalypse is here, zombie bait or alive? Get over yourselves, the extent of IP is obsurd, someone has probably registered the word Zombie, and it getting worked up because of our use of it.

ZombiesLoveChili, Zombies Love Chili, and Zombies do in fact Love Chili long time will in no way be liable for the results of any actions based on the information we provide as free public service.


If you take nothing away from this, let it be the only real truth – zombies love chili!


Zombieshatechili would have you believe otherwise, but zombies hate chili is out to spread lies because they know the real fact is that zombies love chili.


If you are a believer and do something stupid based on any information we provide, other than the 1 real fact: zombies love chili, you deserve to be eaten by a zombie. You should only take this information with you and keep it in your brain for eternity, zombies love chili.


Stock up on zombie chili, chili and other related zombie and chili related protective devices. The Zombie Apocalypse is coming!


We reserve the right to modify this disclaimer at will and will take credit for any positive promotion that results from the hot and truthful fire we spit. If our information saves your life, you owe us big time. If you like the truth we are spreading on you, we will accept your cash donations to help promote the fact that zombies love chili.


Stay thirsty my friends.

ZombiesLoveChili (not to be confused with ZombiesHateChili)